Over 15 years of web design experience. Located in Nova Scotia.
Why hire a web designer?
There are a lot of ways to build a "free site" these days. However, without web design experience these templates/wizards are limiting when creating the ideal site for your business or organization. An experienced web designer offers creative design, content creation and editing, and graphic elements. Choosing the right designer will save you a lot of time, energy and frustration.

Why choose FunctionWebsites.com?
I have been designing and maintaining web sites since 2000. I am eager to use my creative abilities and marketing skills to make your web site visually appealing and easy for your customers to navigate. I regularly check on all the sites I maintain to ensure that they are up to date and functioning optimally. I also offer excellent rates and free consultation.

Web Designer, Colleen Hagen
Can I afford a web designer?
Affordablility is an essential when creating your custom web site. Though web sites can often cost a small fortune, I have kept my web costs well under the norm. Business sites are generally $400-$1000 depending on complexity. Many things will determine the cost of your web site:
(1) Complex elements (such as online payment, video or audio elements)
(2) Graphic design or photography
(3) Written content created by the designer
(4) Changes by the client to the initial concept during the design process
I will work with you to make the site affordable. You will be provided with an estimate when the design concept is finalized. I have always stayed below my original estimates, so you won't be billed an unexpected sum.

What about sites for Non-Profit Organizations?
I have a background of working with non-profit organizations and appreciate the services they offer to communities. For this reason I offer a 25% discount on the design of any site for a non-profit or charitable organization.

Are there annual fees?
The only annual fees I charge are for your domain (web site address) and hosting (space on the internet). These are fees that are charged no matter who designs your site (except my rates are lower than most). Domains are $10 per year. Hosting starts at $30 per year. Site security can be added at an additional cost and is provided by a third party.

What if I need updates or changes to my site?
I update the sites I design for a nominal cost, starting at $10 for a minor update or $40/hour for major changes.

What if I need a bilingual web site?
French or German translation services can be arranged at an additional cost. Please contact me for details.

How do I book my free consultation?
If you are in the Annapolis Valley, South Shore, or Halifax area, I would love to meet with you in person. If you are outside this area we can communicate via phone, email, or Skype to discuss your site. I offer a free 1-hour consultation to prospective clients to ensure we are a good fit for each other.